How Many Times Can You Have Sex With an Old Fling

Have Sex

These include;

Reasons for Breakup

You may not want to re-commit to your ex. However, having sex can make things complicated. The more times you engage in sex with your old fling, the higher your chances of getting back together. Before you take the step, re-assess the reasons for breaking up with your ex. If the break up was because of poor communication, low self esteem, dissatisfaction or other things that can be worked out, having sex may not be a bad idea. On the other hand, if the breakup was caused by issues that both of you can’t resolve, repeated sex is risk.

Level of Emotional Attachment

Sex is all about emotions and the ability of both partners to bond together psychologically. While the breakup might have caused some emotional distance, having repeated sex can easily reconnect the bond. However, you must first be sure that both of you have a connection and at least you are willing to revive the bond. If there is no emotional attachment or the will to have it, you will hardly achieve the desired pleasure. Therefore, you should first engage in a proper conversation about each other’s feelings and whether you wish to re-connect through sex.

There is no limit to how many times you can have sex with your ex. The decision depends on how you both feel about it and your motives behind having sex.

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